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Learning how to bake yourself delicious gluten free goodies is a gift that keeps on giving. The support groups have become little communities, filled with bakers exploring new techniques, flours and flavours. Peers share their triumphs and failures, offer advice and friendship, while Naomi pops in to solve problems answer questions and generally cheerlead! Check out my gifting page for more info.

Meet your tutor Naomi Devlin

'I love working with Naomi. She is a force of nature and her brilliant books have the power to change lives.' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Naomi is a gluten free expert with coeliac disease and over 12 years experience teaching at cookery schools (River Cottage, Riverford Farm, Ashburton Cookery School, Divertimenti and the London Cooking Project among them). An author of two cookbooks, many magazine articles, a podcast (Bread & Milk) and commercial recipe developer with a specialism in free-from and clean label products. As a nutritionist her special interest is in gut health and using food as medicine rather than expensive supplements. She encourages you to spend your money on nutrient dense food rather than pills! Her recipes tend to be wholesome, flavoursome, gum free and low on sugar. Naomi's talent is to help students understand the ingredients and process behind the recipes, so they can go on to experiment themselves. She will give you back your kitchen confidence, whether you are newly diagnosed with coeliac disease, baking for a loved one or would just like to expand your repertoire.

Course feedback

I nearly cried with joy!


"I’m sure you’ve heard this many times but I nearly cried with joy when I dipped my baguette into the spicy garlic tomato and cider sauce with hake tonight. I’ve had a few terrible gluten free bought baguettes so I never thought this was an experience I would ever have. For this alone the course was worth it but the main reason the course has been worth it is my confidence has sky rocketed. Because of the videos showing me exactly how it should look and the advice from you and the support from others I was able to over come obstacles of demanding flour needing a different level of hydration (which I now understand) spot my mistake of not adding enough psyllium as I knew what to look for and adjust the time to adapt or a less than stellar oven which can’t go as high as I’d like. I’ve looked at a baguette recipe in your book for years but am sure without this course I would never have dared or it wouldn’t have succeeded as I wouldn’t have know about all these things. I’m am so happy I took this course it and I’m fully involved now."

An amazing confidence boosting course


You will never regret buying any of Naomi’s courses. This star offers clear, step-by-step instructions in her lovely eloquent voice and makes you wish you had her “asbestos hands”. But then you see that her directions, hints, extremely interesting, relevant snippets of information about flours, substitutions and the chemistry occurring by mixing certain ingredients, are enough (without asbestos hands) to start you on an amazing confidence-boosting course. The magic begins and you set about to copy her videos and scream “OMG!” “It worked!” and “Wow!” She offers vegan versions too, wholesome ingredients and I must highlight she doesn’t use xanthan gum, nor does she rely on rice flour as so many other gluten free recipe makers do. Her recipes turn out drop-dead delicious and bring tears to your eyes and a smug smirk to your face when you realise you are savouring really top-class food once more.

My wheat eating friends and family can’t tell the difference!


Generous, clever Naomi Devlin has given me back puff/flaky pastry and focaccia! While my waistline may never forgive me my tastebuds are so happy! My wheat eating friends and family can’t tell the difference and are happily eating the gluten free versions. The videos that accompany the recipes make the course accessible for everyone from beginners to advanced cooks. In addition the connected Facebook group has created a supportive community with Naomi always able to answer questions no matter what the issue.

I felt emboldened by the detailed course instructions and tips and tricks from the group


I'm supposed to be working but keep stopping to gaze at my first boule, like it's a new baby. I'm so delighted with it! I used maize, quinoa and oat. I'm usually a bit hapless in the kitchen (my first starter fell off the top of the boiler and splattered everywhere, to give but one example). But I felt emboldened by the detailed course instructions and tips and tricks from this group and now can't wait to try some more bakes! It's such a fascinating process.

Videos have given me the confidence to try harder recipes


"From a practical standpoint, Naomi's recipes in the course have simple ingredient lists and she's ready with substitutions for her students as needed. No fancy equipment required either. I love watching Naomi dive right into mixing dough with her hands. Her videos have given me the confidence to try harder recipes and I'm so glad I have her to inspire and challenge me to be brave with my gluten free cooking. Her course has been everything I hoped for and more."

Such well tested recipes


Thank you so much for the care, detail, and generously with which you share your knowledge of gluten free baking. Both your Gluten Free Sourdough and Everyday Gluten Free have given me so much joy and confidence, being able to see your exact way of making each recipe in the videos allowed me to make any necessary adjustments due to the how thirsty my flours were and the temperature of my kitchen! I am so grateful to have such well tested recipes which minimise risk of wasting precious ingredients and time (all the risk is on my end, getting distracted usually!). The Facebook groups you have built are a wonderful resource, it’s such an inspiring and encouraging space, and amazing to have that level of personal support from you! Thanks again!

Better than a handshake from Paul Hollywood!


If baking is part art and part science, then gluten-free baking is art, science, and a dose of courage. I particularly enjoy watching Naomi’s videos because they bring the printed recipes to life and help us see some of the art that is needed to deal with our unique climates, workspaces, and ingredient sources. I also appreciate learning about the why or science behind such things as using a mix of rice (starch), quinoa (high protein), and buckwheat (structure) flours. But mostly I appreciate the encouragement we get from the videos and from feedback we get through the Facebook group to have the courage to experiment with this form of baking - better than a handshake from Paul Hollywood. I also like the fact that Naomi often uses a teaspoon to measure something and then uses the teaspoon to stir – one less spoon to wash!

The answer to my prayers!


Naomi Devlin’s online Gluten Free Sourdough course is the answer to my prayers! I can now eat wonderful boules, baguettes, crumpets and waffles – all the things I’ve been missing for years. Not only are the videos and recipes in the course clever and easy to follow but her support through the accompanying Facebook group takes care of any problems with differing ingredients and lack of cooking experience. She is never at a loss no matter what the question. I look forward to many more courses! Oh and I mustn’t forget the sourdough digestives! I’ve been trying to make enough to use for a cheese cake crust but my extended family (who can all eat gluten) have decided they’re delicious. I now make four times the recipe!

Without fail Naomi has had an answer for my questions


I had been following Naomi on Instagram when one day she offered her Gluten Free Sourdough course online. I got so excited! I ran to where my husband was and told him I was taking her course! Best decision ever! When I made my first sourdough boule my husband was so excited he took a picture and sent it to the kids. Almost every day he asks when will I be making my next loaf. Everyone who has eaten it loves it. It is such a blessing to be able to eat flavorful gluten free bread that I have made myself. Naomi has wonderful videos, recipes, great instructions and tips. There is a Facebook group dedicated to the course which is so nice as we can share our experiences/photos, ask questions and give/get encouragement and make new friends. My biggest cheerleader is Naomi! She is always so helpful and patient. Without fail Naomi has had an answer for my questions and helps me figure out how to fix any issue I might have. My confidence has grown to where I am wanting to try my own flour combinations for my bread and to go on in the course and try other recipes, all thanks to Naomi! If you have been hesitating to take one of Naomi’s courses-don’t wait any longer! Jump in and join us-you won’t be sorry.

Your recipes and encouragement have meant my success rates are high!


Having previously taken two gluten free courses with Naomi at River Cottage and Borough Market, I was thrilled when she launched her online courses. Naomi is a fantastic teacher, so knowledgable and keen to pass on her experience to her pupils. The videos are clear and you can go back and watch them as often as you like. I highly recommend signing up - it’s worth every penny. Thank you Naomi – I was never a great baker but your recipes and your encouragement have meant my success rates are high! I’ve made beautiful sourdough boules, baguettes, focaccia, gnocchi, pasta, chocolate cake, digestive biscuits and crumpets, which (I have been assured by family and friends) are just as good as, if not better, than gluten versions.