If you like chapattis, you'll love parathas!

Made from a simple, wholemeal dough these layered flatbreads are a delicious accompaniment to spicy food, or a meal in themselves. In the course I have given you three filling suggestions, but as long as you mash it or mince it finely, you can put anything in a paratha that you like. I'm wondering if a chocolate desert paratha might be next on the agenda! This course will teach you all the stages, from making a tender pliable dough to how to roll, fold and perfectly cook your parathas.

Course curriculum

Who is the course suitable for?

check the ingredients section in the curriculum to see if there is anything you can't eat and get in touch with me if you are unsure.

  • Parathas can be made entirely plant based if you like. There are no eggs in any of the recipes and you can use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or melted plant butter to paint the dough. Choose plant based fillings from the options given.

  • The recipes are completely gum free and can be made with ingredients that you can buy in your supermarket and health food shop

  • No fancy equipment needed! If you would like to see exactly what you'll need, check the equipment section of the curriculum above.