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    Almond Stollen and Chocolate Salami with homemade shortbread

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    Making candied peel

    • Homemade candied peel

    • Candied Peel - tips

    • Making candied peel

    • Candied peel

  • 4

    Making Almond paste

    • Making almond paste

    • Almond Paste

  • 5

    Making the Stollen

    • Making and shaping stollen dough

    • Baking and finishing stollen

    • Almond Stollen (whole psyllium)

  • 6

    Making Almond shortbread

    • Almond shortbread

    • Almond shortbread

    • shortbread

  • 7

    Making Chocolate salami

    • Chocolate salami

    • Chocolate salami

    • Making chocolate salami

Chocolate salami

A moreish teatime treat that is way more than the sum of its parts!

I'll show you how to make some buttery shortbread biscuits and a delicious chocolate salami complete with butcher's knots - a perfect pick me up for festive teatimes.