This is a live online class held on December 17th at 4pm GMT (London time)

You'll gather all your equipment and ingredients in the week before the class and then bake along with me over Zoom from the comfort of your own kitchen. Check out more information below.

Is the course suitable for you?

I can cover most dietary requirements, but check here to see if I can cover your needs in the session

  • You can freeze your mince pies for Christmas if you like.

  • Recipes and a recording of the live session will be available to you forever, so you can make these again next year

  • If you don't have a muffin tray you can make this as a delicious mincemeat and frangipane tart - a great festive dessert!

  • Low FODMAP - while there isn't a direct substitute for mincemeat in a mince pie, these are delicious filled with low FODMAP jam or fruit compote (raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb) or marmalade. If you can tolerate chocolate then marmalade and chocolate chunks with a pinch of cinnamon is pretty delicious. The pastry is low FODMAP and the frangipane is low FODMAP as long as you only eat one at a time. Remember I said you wouldn't need more than one anyway?

  • Dairy free - The pastry, frangipane and mincemeat all work well with Vegan block (plant based baking fat) if you can't tolerate butter or don't eat dairy. You can also make the mincemeat with avocado oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter if you prefer, but the frangipane works best with a fat you can cream and the pastry with a fat that can be rubbed in. I can supply a home made plant based butter recipe for the frangipane, but it's not as good for pastry because of the lower melt point.

  • Plant based - The mince meat and pastry can both easily be made plant based, but frangipane is more difficult as it relies on egg for that tender structure. For something slightly more like a traditional custardy frangipane I can provide a plant based frangipane recipe.

  • Potato free/nightshade free - no problem, you can substitute cornstarch for potato, or even tapioca starch and a little millet or rice flour if you can't do corn.

  • Nut free - If it's just almonds that are the problem then you can make beautiful frangipane from hazelnuts or cashews ground in a coffee grinder. If all nuts are a problem, you can make your frangipane from ground toasted sunflower seeds and a little flour (millet, rice or oat) or an equal parts mixture of sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut and porridge oats ground in a coffee grinder.

These mince pies with thin, crisp pastry, succulent, zesty mincemeat and tender frangipane topping will be THE MOST DELICIOUS mince pies you have ever eaten.

You will growl when people come to the house in case you have to offer them one of your mince pies and you'll also be tempted to gift everyone a single mince pie in a special box as a meal replacement because they are that satisfying. You may want to eat two, but there is no need because after only one you feel absolutely full of festive goodness. In this session, I'll share some top tips for rolling out gluten free pastry, preparing your tins so that nothing sticks and getting a beautifully thin crust to contain all the goodness, because although the pastry is yummy, these pies are all about the mincemeat and frangipane. You can freeze what you make for Christmas, or have an early advent treat while you welcome in the darkest time of year - as long as it's after December 1st nobody will judge you.