The course launches on November 3rd and you will then have a week to gather any equipment and ingredients, work out your kitchen zoom set up and get your hair done in time for the first live class on November 10th

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What's on the menu?

You'll have access to all the recipes, information and recordings of the live sessions forever. Here's what we'll cover in the course

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Session 1: Citrus ferments, honey ferments and labneh

    • Meeting invite for session 1

    • The basics of fermentation

    • Shopping and equipment list for this week's class

    • Citrus preserves and honey ferments

    • Preserved lemons with orange variation

    • Honey fermented berries or garlic

    • Labneh & milk kefir

    • Labneh recipe

    • Preserved labneh in olive oil

    • Zoom live class - Labneh, Honey ferments & Preserved citrus

  • 4

    Session 2: Krauts and whey pickles

    • Session 2 meeting invite

    • Shopping and equipment list for this week's class

    • Checking our pickles from last week and laying down some more!

    • Whey ferments

    • Fermented fig butter

    • Simple krauts and cabbage free krauts

    • Caraway Sauerkraut

    • Celeriac, carrot and caraway pickle

    • Zoom live class - Fig butter, Simple sauerkraut and Celeriac & carrot pickle

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    Session 3: Brine pickles

    • Session 3 meeting invite

    • Shopping list for this week's class

    • Brine pickles

    • Kvass

    • Rhubarb and ginger kvass

    • Beet Kvass

    • Carrot pickles

    • Vietnamese spring onions

    • Miso radishes

    • Zoom live class - brine pickles

  • 6

    Session 4: Kimchi and piccalilli

    • Session 4 meeting invite

    • Kimchi and piccalilli

    • Shopping list for Thursday's class

    • Piccalilli

    • Kimchi recipe

    • Piccalilli recipe

    • Live session: Kimchi and piccalilli

  • 7

    Recipes for your ferments

    • How to eat your ferments?

    • kimchi butter

    • Quinoa pickle salad

    • Pickle scramble

    • Black rice salad with preserved lemon

    • Borshch

    • Preserved labneh

    • broccoli kimchi and sesame

    • Green beans roast beets and kefir

    • Celeriac and kefir remoulade

    • Celeriac remoulade low FODMAP

Join me for a month long course of once weekly virtual fermentation classes

Classes will be live at 4pm GMT on Thursdays in November