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  • 1

    Introduction to Enriched Dough

    • Intro to enriched dough

  • 3

    Fillings and extras

    • Info about fillings and extras

    • Creme patissiere recipe

    • Almond paste recipe

    • Quincemeat recipe

    • Citrus curd

    • Peanut butter streusel topping

    • Poppyseed filling

    • Frangipane

    • Ganache & Dairy free ganache

    • Carrot and kimchi filling

    • Wild Garlic filling

  • 4


    • Introduction to Stollen

    • Making candied peel

    • Candied Peel

    • Making almond paste

    • Almond paste recipe

    • Stollen making the dough

    • Forming and proving the Stollen

    • Finishing the stollen

    • Almond Stollen recipe

  • 5

    Rough Puff Pastry

    • Introduction to Rough Puff

    • Making the dough for rough puff

    • Rolling and folding puff pastry

    • Rough Puff Pastry recipe

    • Making the Frangipane tart

    • Frangipane tart recipe

    • Puff pastry cracker recipe

    • Pear Tart Tatin recipe

  • 6

    Eccles cakes

    • Introduction to Eccles cakes

    • How to make Eccles cakes

    • Milk rough puff recipe

    • Eccles Cake recipe

  • 7

    Danish Pastry

    • Introduction to Danish Pastry

    • Making the Danish pastry dough

    • Making the butter packet

    • Encasing butter packet and first fold

    • Danish pastry book folds

    • Rolling and cutting the danish dough

    • Danish pastry recipe

    • Cream cheese and blueberry danish

    • Blueberry and cream cheese danish recipe

    • Maple and pecan pinwheels

    • Maple and pecan danish pinwheels

  • 8

    Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts)

    • Introduction to Pasteis de nata

    • Pasteis de nata making dough

    • Pasteis de nata buttering and folding

    • Pasteis de nata rolling up

    • Pasteis de nata filling

    • Pasteis de nata baking

    • Pasteis de nata recipe

  • 9

    Brioche dough

    • Introduction to the enriched bread recipes IMPORTANT INFO! PLEASE DON'T SKIP

    • Brioche ingredients

    • Making the brioche dough

    • Sweet Brioche recipe

    • Savoury Brioche recipe

    • Brioche quiz before you bake!

  • 10

    Chocolate Babka

    • What is Babka?

    • Rolling and filling babka

    • Baking babka

    • Chocolate babka recipe

  • 11

    Cardamom scrolls and cinnamon buns

    • Cardamom scrolls, cinnamon buns & babka buns

    • Cardamom buns

    • Cardamom scroll recipe

  • 12

    Belgian buns

    • Belgian buns

    • Belgian buns

    • Belgian bun recipe

  • 13

    Knot buns

    • Knot buns, sweet and savoury!

    • Making knot buns

    • proving and baking knot buns

    • Knot bun recipe

  • 14

    Brioche Burger Buns

    • Brioche burger buns

    • Brioche burger bun recipe

  • 15

    Pull-apart Bread

    • Pull-apart breads

    • wild garlic bread

    • Pull apart bread recipe

  • 16

    Hot Cross Buns

    • What are Hot Cross Buns?

    • Piping the dough crosses

    • Hot Cross Buns

    • Hot Cross Bun Recipe


Find out if this course is right for you

  • Does this course have dairy free options?

    This course is not currently suitable for a dairy free diet. I have only tested the recipes using butter, milk and yogurt and that's how they work best. In the future I will retest all recipes with alternatives. Dairy free substitution suggestions are given, but have not been tested. Please read through the free preview on ingredients for more information.

  • Is this course suitable for nut free diets?

    You can usually find a substitute for nuts, in frangipane or almond paste, you can use a different nut, or sunflower or sesame seeds - or use another filling such as fruit, creme patissiere, ganache etc. For the brioche dough which contains cashews, you can use oats or possibly cassava flour or tigernut flour, but these last two options are untested, so contact me if cashews are an issue for you and we can discuss alternatives.

  • Does this course have egg free and vegan options?

    No, this course is not currently suitable for vegans. Some recipes use egg and this is integral in the recipe. In the future I may formulate vegan versions of the recipes.

  • Can I watch the lessons in my own time?

    Yes! The course materials are all prerecorded, so if your day time is my night time don't worry. If you have questions, concerns or want to share your wonderful bakes you can do that in the Facebook support group for the course, where other students will give feedback as well as me.

  • Does this course use xanthan gum?

    Yes, these recipes do use xanthan gum to help provide the stretch required for lamination. However, it is possible to use psyllium only, just a little more technically demanding for the baker. I discuss this in the course, but if you are concerned get in touch before purchasing the course.

  • Can I use chia seeds or linseed/flax in place of psyllium or xanthan gum?

    No. Unfortunately, those ingredients do not bind well enough to help the dough stretch in the right way.

Enriched breads from the course

  • Babka

    This buttery bread is layered with muscovado chocolate filling (or poppyseed and almond) before being rolled, sliced, twisted and baked into a marbled teatime treat.

  • Cinnamon scrolls

    Tender, pull-apart buns filled with cinnamon and maple butter or cardamom and a Belgian Bun variation with creme patissiere and quincemeat. You can also work this dough into those amazing knotted Swedish buns called Kardemummabullar.

  • Brioche & burger buns

    A rich dough for burger buns, Sunday brunch and the best french toast you ever had. Plus some retro iced buns which are a UK favourite with anyone who was a child in the 1970s.