Course curriculum

  • 1

    First gather your ingredients and equipment!

    • Ingredients and equipment needed for chapattis

  • 2

    How to make gluten free chapattis

    • How to make chapattis

  • 3

    Chapatti recipe & quiz

    • Chapatti recipe

    • Check you're ready to make chapattis

  • 4

    Things to eat with your chapattis

    • Soothing dhal, roast radishes, coconut rice and quick plum chutney

    • Masala Grilled Mackerel

    • Roast beet, green bean and kefir salad


  • Are there substitution options for the chapatti recipe?

    These wholesome, gluten free chapattis are dairy free, egg free, gum free and added starch free. I give options for different flour mixtures in the course, so you can tailor the flavour and texture of the chapattis to your liking.

  • Do I need special equipment for this course?

    A rolling pin is ideal for rolling the dough, but you can also use a straight sided bottle or tall glass. A cast iron pan is also ideal, but you can cook chapattis in any heavy based frying pan.

  • Where can I ask questions about the recipe or techniques?

    For my longer courses there are private Facebook groups and if you are enrolled in one of these, feel free to ask any questions there. If you are not enrolled on a longer course, simply contact me through my website or ask a question on Instagram.