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Have a look at these lessons which should explain the course structure and help you understand what to expect from it. This is a very different course to my others in that the focus is on self reflection, understanding different aspects of how the gut functions, how our bodies cope with stress and how we can help our bodies and microbes to thrive better. Because you are all so very different, the work you end up doing through the course might be different too. We will work on hormone balancing, setting boundaries, batch cooking, medicine foods and adaptogens to help you cope with stressful times or hormonal shifts and you will practice putting yourself first and reflecting on how you feel. It might feel self indulgent, but I guarantee that everyone around you will feel the benefit too. When you're ready, email me for a link to sign up for the next course and check when that is on the countdown timer on the main course page.

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    New Chapter

    • Introducing Naomi Devlin

    • How does the course work?

    • A totally individualised course!

    • Book your consultation with Naomi

    • Broth the hero food!

    • Assignment 2 - Fats and polyphenols

    • Assignment 4 - Sleep, light, movement and breakfast