• Are there dairy and egg free options?

    The appam batter is 100% plant based, egg, nut and dairy free. Egg hoppers have an egg cooked in them, but you can choose not to make these. All the additional dal, salad and quick pickle recipes are 100% plant based and nut free too.

  • Will I need special equipment and ingredients?

    If you want to make bowl shaped appams then you will need an appachatti or appam pan, shaped like a tiny wok. Alternatively you can make these in a wok, or as a flat pancake, more like a dosa in a cast iron pan. I don't give instructions for cooking the mixture as a flat dosa. The ingredients you will need (rice, dal, fenugreek seed and coconut milk) are available in most supermarkets, health food shops and Asian food stores.

  • Is there a Facebook group for this course?

    This course does not have a Facebook group as it is a mini course. The Sourdough starter, Sourdough baking and Everyday Glutenfree courses have their own groups, so if you are in one of those, feel free to ask questions about this mini course there. If you aren't part of those groups, email me through my website or contact me on Instgram

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What are appams?

    • What is an appam?

    • Equipment & ingredients

    • Appam recipe

  • 2

    How to make the appam batter

  • 3

    Cooking appams & egg hoppers

    • Cooking appams and egg hoppers

  • 4

    Some delicious things to put in your appam

    • Rose and Cardamom scented black dal

    • Punjabi masala

    • Pink pickled onions

    • Bashed cucumber salad

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